There are few investments in life more important than our homes and businesses. For most of us, our properties represent the culmination of many years of hard work, savings, effort, and pride. Whether your home or your business, we know that a lot of thought goes into your property location, planning, search, build, restoration and/or renovation project. Protecting your investment is important.

Being equipped with the latest industry knowledge to protect your property is even more important in Florida. We face the threat of hurricanes, massive storm winds and other major storm events. Being prepared prior to storm season and rebuilding in the aftermath of natural disasters requires an added level of attention to risk mitigation, accuracy, safety, efficiency, and cost.

Aerial Drone Technology

An emerging technology in construction best practices is utilizing aerial drone footage during the property inspection and on the jobsite, whether before storm season or after the storm has occurred. It’s important to get your property inspected regularly to detect structural damage, leaks and mitigate further deterioration that can be greatly exacerbated by our heavy rains and hurricanes. Using aerial drone technology in the property inspection is now an essential tool in construction and restoration. Drone footage provides rich, detailed information on the condition of your roof and structural elements, before and after the storm.

Construction Industry Drone Inspections

While the concept of “drones” may seem like something from a Star Wars movie, construction and real estate industries are currently a driving force behind the advancement of aerial drone technology and usage. Venture Construction Group of Florida (VCGFL) is an early adopter of drone inspections since the days the technology hit the market in 2015. Since then, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have been experiencing robust growth in the United States and throughout the world. According to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aerospace Forecast, Fiscal Years 2017-2037,  28% of drones are currently being utilized in industrial, construction and utility inspection, and 48% are used in real estate related photography.

Drones help construction companies save time, improve safety, streamline processes, run more efficiently, and serve customers in entirely new ways. The real-time data and images are integral for surveying, inspection and data collection. Drones provide highly detailed information, identify issues before the project even begins, and also effectively track and monitor progress throughout the construction project. All of these benefits improve operations, safety, effectiveness and the ability to finish on time and within budget.

• Venture Construction Group of Florida Leads the Way in Utilizing Advanced Drone Technology

Drones simply can go more places and provide more accurate information than mere humans with ladders and cameras alone could. Drones now have high definition and 3D technology and have literally revolutionized roofing inspections. Certain drones also come equipped with thermal signature detection software that provide reports on the presence of hotspots or leaks, and surveying software for larger building projects. Standard roof inspections can be somewhat complicated and dangerous, with inspectors either examining the roof from the ground using binoculars, or climbing ladders to the eaves, or walking on the roof to determine damage and the general condition. With greater safety, inspectors can now easily detect even lifting shingles and bent flashing with the drone’s pixelated accuracy. Builders and inspectors have a tool that saves property owners and remodelers a lot of time and money.

With that being said, not all aerial drones and drone operators are created equal. A certain level of training is required, especially since crashing a drone can be an expensive mistake. Certain jurisdictions, especially areas in close proximity to air travel, have added regulations and restrictions.Venture Construction Group of Florida Leads the Way in Utilizing Advanced Drone Technology

4K/ HD Drone Mapping

VCGFL is proud to provide full scope property inspections utilizing  the latest 4K/ HD Drone Mapping to assess roof and exterior condition and help determine if storm damage is present. Drone inspections provide detailed accuracy, scope of repairs, detailed high definition photos, video and documentation required for insurance restoration projects. Drone mapping provides important close-ups, aerial overview footage of the entire structure, and allows the team to see multiple, dynamic views of the structure.

Committed to utilizing the latest technologies to provide customers with the best level of service under the sun, VCGFL is one of the first in the industry to implement 4K/ HD/ 3D Drone Mapping in property inspections to provide a higher caliber of service to property owners.