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Premier Florida restoration company helps senior couple who suffered severe mold damage after roof claim denied

PALM CITY, Fla. — Venture Construction Group of Florida (VCGFL) helped local homeowners in Palm City fight their insurance claim denial after severe roof leaks wreaked havoc on their property, eventually causing severe water damage, mold overgrowth and structural deterioration that led to uninhabitable conditions. VCGFL advocated for the homeowners after their insurance claim for a roof replacement was denied after a hail storm occurred in April, 2015.

In October, 2015, shortly after the severe hail storm that caused heavy water and wind damage to multiple roofs and properties throughout Palm City and Stuart, VCGFL completed a full scope property inspection at a Palm City residence. VCGFL found severe roof damage and provided extensive documentation and photos for a full roof replacement, however, the property owner’s insurance claim was denied. The claim was approved for the interior only, including mold demolition and drywall replacement. The team at VCGFL knew the claim covering only the interior would not fix the issue, as the roof was severely damaged and would wreak more havoc on the property including further water damage and mold issues in Florida weather conditions. From November 2015 through June 2016, VCGFL advocated for the property owners on the denied claim and brought in an appraiser to help fight the insurance claim denial so the homeowners could get the repairs they really needed, a full roof replacement.

In December, 2016, over a year and lots of damage later, the property owners finally won the initial claim, from the same insurance company that initially denied them, for a full 6,300 sq. ft. roof replacement.

“The time delay of the insurance company to approve this claim cost this couple their health, their shelter, their belongings, their safety, and literally the roof over their head. The stress of a leaky roof, living with mold, losing personal belongings and furniture is simply unnecessary, especially for a senior couple. This is definitely one of the worst case scenarios we have seen in an insurance claim denial, and this is why we are committed to educating property owners, every step of the way, before, during, and after a storm,” says Stephen Shanton, President, Venture Construction Group of Florida.

In the time it took to process the first claim, fight the denial, go into appraisal status, and go through a second claim with the insurance company, the roof leaks worsened and caused severe damage to the property including further roof damage, exterior decay, water intrusion, severe mold growth that damaged every room in the house including the patio, carpet, drywall, ceilings, floorboards, and even the couple’s belongings including furniture, clothes, and mementos.

As soon as the claim was approved and processed in February, 2017, VCGFL began Stage 1 repairs including installation of a brand new 56 square foot metal roof to replace the old tile roof to stop any further leaks and water damage. VCGFL also repaired the exterior patio ceiling which had since caved in since the initial inspection in October, 2015.

VCGFL then launched Stage 2 repairs and brought in Genesis Restoration to eliminate the severe mold overgrowth that had affected the entire property including the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, living room and dining room. Genesis Restoration provides emergency clean-up services and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment for water damage and mold infestation removal.  The Genesis team confined all damaged furniture and belongings and clothing in plastic and moved to the garage. Everything was placed in plastic containment. Genesis then launched Stage 3 repairs and is completed the mold demolition, removal and replacement of drywall insulation, painting, and texturizing.

“This is one of the worst mold cases we have ever seen. It is deplorable that this couple had to endure this because their initial roof claim was denied. Mold is extremely unhealthy, especially mold growth this severe. If their roof had been replaced back when Venture found the damage, this wouldn’t have happened. Once those roof leaks start, the water gets in and mold flourishes in our climate. By the time we came on board, this property was unlivable. The homeowners should be feeling much better now that it’s gone,” says Nick Woods, CEO of Genesis Restoration.

Due to the extensive mold infestation, carpeting and furniture was replaced in almost every single room on the property. Much of the homeowners’ personal belongings and household items had to be discarded, at cost to the homeowners. The homeowners received a $91,000 insurance claim approval, but the funds did not cover the cost of furniture replacement, clothing, bedding, mattresses, and personal household items that were damaged from the mold. VCGFL put the homeowners up in a local hotel throughout the entire mold demolition process for their safety.

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