Hurricane SeasonWe are officially in June. In Florida, that doesn’t just mean the summer heat is upon us. It also means Hurricane Season has officially started.

While Government officials are preparing us with lists of items we should stock up on now like batteries, flashlights and battery operated radios there are a few other things you will want to do that many of us may not have thought of and should do now before the stressful time when a storm is approaching.

Here are a few tips:

Follow various official Government Twitter Accounts.

You may or not be on Twitter but if you aren’t you can join for free. Once you join or have an account you should make sure to follow a few weather related profiles including The National Hurricane Center Atlantic, The National Weather Service and FEMA. You also will want to follow your local TV news feeds official Twitter pages as well. This way should you lose power and are in the need for information you can still access Twitter via your Smartphone and get updates and important information.

Talk to your home’s vendors.

Now is the perfect time to speak with your landscaper to make sure all trees are cut back and if there is something that should be removed, it is. The last thing you want is for a tree to fall on your home because of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Also speak with your HVAC technician to make sure your outside AC units are tight and secure. You for sure don’t want one of those machines flying into your home at speeds over 200 miles. It can cause a lot of damage.

Review your insurance policies and keep it in a safe place.

It’s really important to be familiar with your insurance policy ahead of a storm. This way you know what is and isn’t covered and there isn’t added stress after a storm hits. Keep a paper copy in a waterproof safe place such as in a safe where you can easily get to afterwards.

Hurricane seasons are stressful times for Floridians. We have been through many before and we will get through the ones that come our way in the future.

Just know that Venture Construction Group of Florida is always here for you no matter what type of storm comes our way. Our trained teams specialize in storm damage restoration and repairs to get your property back the way it should be should a storm approach.

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