As June approaches every year in the state of Florida, our stress levels start to increase, as it is the start of hurricane season. We have to start making preparations for our homes and make sure supplies are plentiful. In 2020 though, we have an additional issue to all deal with: COVID19.

HurricaneSeasonCovid19COVID-19 or the Coronavirus is making storm preparedness even more challenging as certain supplies aren’t on the shelves due to the pandemic and other businesses that you would usually call for assistance may not even be open.

So what should you do to overcome this unexpected obstacle? Here are a few tips:

  • Pay close attention to updated plans for evacuations and shelters including shelters for pets as well as shelters for individuals with special needs. What may have been your back up shelter last year, may not work this year, due to COVID-19 circumstances.
  • Your emergency kit this year should include supplies that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. That means in addition to having batteries, a flash light and transistor radio, you will want to try to have hand sanitizer, bar and/or liquid soap and at least two cloth face coverings for each person.
  • When checking on friends and neighbors after the storm ends, remember to follow social distancing guidelines as well as other guidelines from the CDC.

These are unprecedented times for all of us and the last thing we need is a catastrophic storm to make our everyday lives even more difficult.

If though we plan ahead of time and follow recommendations such as the above, we will continue to be healthy and safe.

For all your restoration needs for your home or business after a storm be sure to call Venture Construction Group of Florida. We are here for you!